Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bondi Sands


Living in the not-so-sunny UK doesn't really do much in terms of keeping you brown. I'm actually part Italian, and my whole family has olive skin that tans really easily, but there is always that voice in the back of my head telling me that, despite loving being in the sun, it is so, so bad for my skin in the longterm!
And that's why I've always used various self-tanners. 
My tanning routine now revolves around 2 key Bondi Sands products, the Self Tanning Foam in Dark (£14.99 for 200ml) and the Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk (£11.99 for 375ml). 

I always follow the standard self-tanner advice of showering/shaving/exfoliating/moisturising 24 hours in advance, then try to forget about the urge to tan until the next day. The foam is really easy to apply, and blends well on the skin, making streaks really unlikely. Depending on when I plan on going to sleep I leave around 4-6 hours after application then wash it off before bed. 
The everyday gradual tanner is so moisturising and I love smelling like a tropical holiday, so I apply that the next day - the colour in it is so subtle it doesn't make you any darker with that one application, but it makes my skin super soft. 

The thing with Bondi Sands - and I 100% panic googled this the first time I used it - it's green based formula, meaning it goes onto the skin with a greeney-blue tint. Apparently the green in the product means that the end result is far more towards brown than orange on the self-tan spectrum. And it really does work.
I go for the foam in dark because I'm already olive-based and because with lighter self tanners I tend to find myself layering the colour, whereas with this one I haven't needed to so far. It's a deep, bronze colour on the skin, and looks so much more natural than some other self-tans I've used before.
And the smell is incredible! All of the Bondi Sands products have tropical scents of coconut and cocoa butter, it's genuinely pleasant to use them. I tend to find there is a hint of that self-tan smell when I wake up the morning after applying, but it is so subtle you don't even notice after a while. Put it this way, you're not a walking biscuit for the first 24 hours.

You can buy Bondi Sands products from:
(Worldwide) Bondi Sands
(UK) Superdrug

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  1. I've just ordered the foam and I'm waiting for it to arrive! I've read so many good reviews - I hope it lives up to expectations xo

    1. The foam is so good! I'm sure you'll be impressed x


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