Saturday, 18 July 2015

My First Month of Blogging

First Month Blogging New Blogger Tips

18th of July marks the end of my first month of blogging! 
Time has just gone so quickly (for me anyway) and I am so glad I started this blog on a random June afternoon after wanting to for so long. 
It's been so interesting and fun to already connect with other bloggers and people with similar interests to me, and I can't believe how large the blogging networks are out there!
In terms of where I would like this blog to go... I have absolutely no idea! I'm just going to keep posting things that interest me and I think you guys will enjoy reading/looking at. 

Some things I've learnt in the past month...

Connecting With Other Bloggers
I think sites such as Bloglovin and IFB are amazing for finding great content and new bloggers - if you haven't signed up for them already I definitely recommend you do. You can have two profiles on Bloglovin - you and your blog. It's not a social network as such, you can't contact other people on it, but that keeps it simple and for it's primary purpose of keeping updated on blogs you like and having people follow your blog too.
IFB is a more social orientated blogger-only site, and allows you to directly message hundreds of bloggers and keep everyone updated on what you're up to. I've already been in contact with so many lovely people, and I feel it's directly influenced my blog traffic and my opportunities in terms of connecting with blog teams about potential posts. 
Do you guys use these sites, or are there others you prefer?

The Importance of Social Networking
I've always had Twitter, etc. but I never really thought about how much of a reach it had before this past month. I've been reading so many great articles about how to represent yourself and your blog on Social Media and how it links you to such a huge potential audience! It's not only about me though, as I've been really fortunate and found some amazing accounts to follow and inspire myself with recently too.
One post I found really helpful on this topic was by CocoChic: How To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media. Stephanie has listed a lot of Twitter Chats that you can join in with throughout the week and connect to so many other people and direct them to your blog. So far, I've joined in with the #bbloggers & #fbloggers chats, they were really fun, fast-paced and only took up a small portion of my night to get involved with. 
Have you guys been a part of the twitter chats before, what did you think?
You can find me on these links (I'm always up for checking out your blog etc. too!)

Time Management
When it comes to time management I've always had issues (just ask my uni tutor!) and having to be organised with this blog has been really useful so far in helping me develop this skill. But I've also learnt it doesn't have to take up all my time to manage my time better! 
You can sign up to Buffer here and download the app too to completely re-organise your twitter account and other social media by scheduling the posts you send. I tend to post around 5 tweets a day via Buffer, and the part I find the most interesting is the statistics page, which shows you how many clicks your link's achieved and the audience you are exposed to. 
If you know of any other great apps/websites for organising your time please let me know, I could always use some help!

And Finally
I just really, really appreciate the support this little blog has received so far.
The comments on posts, followers on various sites and general feedback is all something that makes me feel so happy I finally started doing this, and I will always appreciate it.
So thank you!

So guys, did you find out anything when you started blogging? Do you have anymore recommendations of sites that make life easier? Let me know, especially if you have any tips for new bloggers! xx

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  1. I love your blog after discovering it on a comment you left somewhere! Congratulations on your first month, I will be sure to give you a follow on bloglovin too :) x

    1. Thank you for taking the time to check my blog out Shania! I'll be sure to have a look at your blog too x

  2. Congratulations on your first month of blogging! I want to try the buffer app! :D

    1. Thanks Perla! Definitely give it a go, I'm still getting used to it but it has been useful x


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