Saturday, 17 October 2015

This Past Month/5 Reasons I Love Blogging...


So, it's been a month.

I never really wanted to do personal posts on this blog, for me it's supposed to be a little escape where I can talk about all the things I love and want to share with likeminded people (that's you pal!) such as fashion, beauty & makeup.
But recently a lot has happened and probably the main result of this is me being absent from a lot of things, including my little babe of a blog.
I'm going to focus on the positivity of what Blogging is to me, and hopefully if you are going through a time where you've lost the drive or passion for blogging for any reason, you'll see we all do, and it doesn't have to be the end of the world.

The First Reason I Love Blogging:
It pushes me out of my comfort zone
I can be a very confident person. I can talk to pretty much anyone and I can feel pretty amazing about myself sometimes (everyone should) but I have a lot of insecurities. Some a lot of people know about, some none do apart from my best friends. But blogging, and in particular the fashion/style side of things, pushes me to stand in-front of a camera and to have fun with how I look. I'm sharing myself for people to see, and judge in a way... but that's becoming ok and my confidence in that is building all the time.

The Second Reason I Love Blogging:
It's such a positive community
It's amazing to see people being praised and even rewarded for being themselves.
Generally, the blogging community is very positive and not just on a more material "I love your shoes" way (p.s. I love my shoes too, and your shoes, and pretty much all shoes. Shoes.) but also it merits people on their personality, their talent for writing and making a £5 lipstick sound like it's been hand delivered by Aphrodite herself. I love this. I'm 100% getting on this good vibes thing right now and blogging is such a positive thing to be a part of.

The Third Reason I Love Blogging:
I've discovered a new passion
I've never really been into sport or things like that. In fact I've had my arms referred to as noodles and I don't think I can run. I'll try later and let you know...
Basically I'm saying I've never really had a hobby before.
Blogging is something I want to keep doing. The more I do it the more passion I have for it. The more important it becomes to me. I've seen other bloggers say this too. It started as something to do almost, something to share things on, but even after a few months I want to interact on it more, I want to write things and take photos that people love. 

The Fourth Reason I Love Blogging:
Brand new opportunities
And this doesn't mean the collaboration type, although that is fantastic when it happens, I never started this blog with that in mind. By brand new opportunities I'm talking about having the outlook on life that things are positive and there's so much more I can do with my time to make it worth something. I'm looking more into my future now to see what I can do to influence it and shape it to how I'd like it to be. But hey, I'm not going to start planning anything too far in advance, because life just sort of happens doesn't it!

And, last but not least... The Fifth Reason I Love Blogging:
This sort of links into all my other reasons. But it's such a rewarding thing to have someone take time out of their busy day to write a comment or share a post. Having the knowledge that people read and even like what I spend hours creating sometimes, is amazing.
And seeing a post someone has in turn written and taken so long to get just how they want it, makes me want to celebrate that with them too and comment on and share their work.
I'm planning on doing a "Bloggers I Love" post soon, and I'm always looking for new blogs to read and follow and fall in love with, so know that if you follow me on any of the links below or comment on any of my posts, I'll 100% be checking out your blog.

What's your reasons for loving blogging? Or are you taking a break from it at the moment?

I'd love to hear from you guys and I have some very exciting stuff coming up in the next few months.
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  1. So nice to see a post like this! :) :D I'm just getting back into Blogging after being away from it for about 2 years whilst I backpacked around Australia! (Perhaps I should do a post about that, what do you think?!) I'd love it if you could take the time to check out my little corner of cyberspace! Would mean a lot! :P :D ;)

    Thanks in advance and I'll be back to

    Sarah Dickinson ( xoxo

    1. You should definitely do a post about your backpacking! Thanks for saying you like the post, I just needed to spread some positivity into my blogging life again. I'll definitely come and have a look at your blog too x

  2. Great post! xx

  3. Nice post! I had the same feeling before like I didn't have any hobby since I moved to Holland. But now, blooging is my fav hobby and always read other blogs everyday to get new inspiration.
    Great that you enjoy it! I would be happy if you checkout mine too dear :)

    xxx ria

    1. Thanks Ria, I'm glad you like the post. I'm the same, I read so many blogs and find so many amazing posts by others all the time. I'll definitely have a look x

  4. I'm glad to hear you are back. The most important is to do what makes you happy. I started for fun a few years ago. But a month ago I started to take more serious and you are right, the more I do it the more I like it. I just like to put my thoughts down. And I don't want to do it in a private journal because I feel that I can inspire other people like other bloggers inspired me.

    1. Love this comment, thanks for reading the post Cristina! It is definitely something that the passion for it grows the more into it you get, which I'm hoping means I carry on loving it for a long time to come. Feel free to leave a link to your blog so I can check it out x

  5. It’s such a lovely and beautiful post! I’d like to say that I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I like your style of writing and the posts that you shares with us! Great job!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you for reading Diana, it means a lot to me to know you're enjoying my posts!! x

  6. Hey gal! New reader here. Excellent post and I agree with all of these sublime perks of blogging. These posts are so inspiring! Now gotta work on hashing out some more posts!

    1. Awh this makes me so happy to read Mallory! Yes I'm the same, link your blog next time so I can take a look xx

  7. So glad that our little chats about life over tea have resulted in this! Loving your blogging Lu <3

    1. The best ideas come from days drinking tea ;) <3


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