Thursday, 28 January 2016

Liquid Lipstick Collection


It feels like 2015 was the year of the liquid lipstick, with American brands really coming to the forefront with some insane colour palettes and beautiful long-lasting pigment (I'm looking at you Anastasia Beverly Hills and Jeffree Star).
While I'm yet to get my hands on any of the ABH liquid lipsticks, I did pick up a fair few other brands last year and thought I'd share some swatches and mini-reviews with you guys in a post.

Stila Cosmetics
The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is something I have taken to wearing pretty much every day now. The great thing about this product in a certain way is that it never feels like it dries completely, and there's a slight tackiness that keeps your lips from feeling like a shriveled prune (sorry for the imagery there aha). Despite the lipstick not feeling completely dry, which can of course be a burden as well as a plus, the staying power is intense and I've gone through eating and drinking and still had enough colour left on my lips so that I didn't need to top up.

The colour swatches pictured below are (left to right): Dolce, Ricco, Baci, Beso
Baci, Beso and Ricco are a part of the 'Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set' which appears to have been limited edition... however YAY they're bringing them out in full-size too now, found on Cult Beauty here!

I love my nudes, but how stunning are all of these shades, and I can barely deal with how vibrant Stila Cosmetics have made their reds and purples. Baci is my absolute fave though, and I'm so glad I'm going to be able to repurchase this stunning lilac-pink! You can see me wearing it quite a bit at my instagram.

Studio 10
I only have the one product from Studio 10, as it was actually something I recieved in a freebie bag during a Cult Beauty Haul (see that post for more product reviews and info), but I feel it's definitely worth mentioning if only for how pretty a shade of pink it is.

I received Blossom and it's a cool toned pink with a slight hint of gold, which I like as it warms the shade up a little bit. It's a really smooth formula and does stay on for quite a while, however I do prefer more matte finishes whereas this one is more of a soft semi-matte finish. It is called Longlast Velvet Liquid Lipstick though so this is probably to be expected!

It's £22 on Cult Beauty, and quite honestly I probably wouldn't pay that much on this particular formula, which is why I'm really appreciative of the fact I got to try it for free! It does come in a huge 6.3ml size though, so it sort of balances out.

Nyx Cosmetics
Ahhh my Nyx Cosmetics addiction is pretty bad right now, especially since they launched on the Boots online store! I've managed to stop at 4 shades of the Soft Matte Lip Cream so far... it's actually really hard picking which ones to go for and I am terrible for collecting nude lipsticks, so I tried to branch out a bit more with this brand.
I feel like we are really familiar with the formula's by now: they are high in pigment, long lasting to the max, also very drying and will pick up on any dry bits you might have on your lips already.
So be warned: light exfoliation and lip balms (I recommend this one) are a must, especially with the darker shades!

The colour swatches pictured below are (left to right): Istanbul, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam
Ok, I didn't manage to completely stay away from nudes and had to pick up the shade Stockholm. It's a mid-tone beige pink according to the Nyx website and it's soooooo pretty on. A very wearable nude. God I love nude lipsticks.

The other shades are just as gorgeous however, with Copenhagen becoming the first dark lipstick I've worn and LOVED. Described perfectly as a rich plum it's so deep in it's colour and can be layered to be a plummy red or a vampy dark red. It's so gorgeous when worn with very simple eye makeup. I wore it in my Irresistible Me Extensions review! I'm yet to wear Amsterdam but as you can hopefully see from the swatch photo it's the classic red. Bright, punchy and so pigmented. 
Probably the most wearable, however, apart from Stockholm is Istanbul which is a really pretty pink shade and makes me feel a bit barbie doll (not a bad thing in my books pals).

As I said this was a lil' overview and mini review of my current liquid lipstick collection, so I'm sure I've missed a tonne of info out. If you have anything you want to add about the products, or a shade I really should know about please leave it in a comment below!
Would love to hear from you xx

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Mermaid Makeup: Spectrum Collections


Hello my beautiful readers!
I'm in the best mood ever writing this because MY SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS BRUSHES ARE HERE!
I took full, full advantage of their incredible post-Christmas sale and picked up a few types of brush I was missing from my ever expanding collection (see my Zoeva brush haul here).

So, what's so special about Spectrum Collections?
The first things that jumped out at me about these brushes are that they are both Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-Free! I mean, what isn't to love about a brand who has our furry little friends' best interests at heart when creating their products. I've been doing a lot more to educate myself on Cruelty-Free purchasing when it comes to makeup products and accessories and it is definitely something I tend to check for when purchasing items now.

But despite being made from synthetic materials, these brushes are incredibly soft and so beautiful to use. The vibrant colours are obviously a massive plus and are the first thing you'll fall in love with - check out their Instagram if you don't believe me! - you will probably become at least 30% more mermaid-y while using these on your face. Just livin' that mermaid dream.

Here's the links of the items I bought featured in the post:
'Killer Cheekbones' Angled Powder Brush C04
'Oval and Oval Again' Oval Foundation Brush A03
'Brow Love' Angled Brow Brush A17
'Feeling Fancy' Small Fan Brush C04
'Love Your Brushes' Brush Heart

I was dead excited to pick up the Small Fan Brush in particular, because have you seeeeeen how good these brushes are for powder highlighting?!
I'm a contour girl in my heart of hearts, and nothing seems to come close to my love of a Chanel bronzer, but the strobing/highlighting trend of 2015 has been peaking across the winter months with everyone looking to achieve that beautiful, glistening glow to their cheekbones.
With the fan brush you can glaze your cheeks and transform yourself into a true Amrezy wannabe.

Also picked up was the Angled Brow Brush (perfect for using with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade) and the Oval Foundation Brush and Angled Powder Brush. I got the Oval Foundation Brush to achieve a different finish to my foundation as I'm getting a bit bored of the buffed finish I usually do, the soft oval shape of this brush makes it a joy to use as it really flows over the contours of your face.
Talking of dat contour - 'Killer Cheekbones' isn't lying to you. I've been pairing this with my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit and it is an absolute perfect match with it. 
It's like they were made to be, I'm almost jealous of the love they share.

Finally, in the sale I bought the Brush Heart which is a covered in rivets and grooves, and when you use with a gentle brush cleanser, you can really get that stubborn Double Wear out of your brushes! And let's be honest, I want these brushes to keep looking princess-y and mermaid-y and magical forever.

Have you used Spectrums Collections products before? If so, what's your favourite brush?
If you have any questions about the items featured in the post, feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to try and answer! xx
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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Ripped Off


Oh hi there pals!
Welcome to Lucy Cynthia in 2016, it's been a bit of a dragged out road to get here, but I'm slowly catching up and getting my motivation back to it's full.

This outfit is literally my go-to this past few weeks. These Missguided High Waist Ripped Jeans are perfect for day-to-night and I've dressed them up for a night out with some barely there heels, but for daytime I love my new black ankle boots from Dune

And this coat.. oh this coat is my absolute favourite. I know a long Camel coat is nothing new, and I think that's for good reason! It's so chic and I love how it's so un-tailored in it's style with the loose collar and big silhouette. 
I love throwing this coat over 90% of my outfits now and you'll definitely be seeing it again, and maybe again and again and again... I really like this coat, ok.
This coat is another steal from Missguided, pretty much where my entire outfit today is from!

I love sticking to a neutral palette when putting together an outfit, and this nude bodysuit from Missguided (black version linked here and below) is the perfect thing to soften up the ripped jeans and make the whole thing a bit more feminine. That deep-V neckline is perfect for adding some chunkier jewellery to finish the whole thing off too.

What's your go-to outfit? Do you like the look or is it not your thing?
Would love to know xx

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Photography by Gabrielle Harrison
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