Sunday, 24 January 2016

Mermaid Makeup: Spectrum Collections


Hello my beautiful readers!
I'm in the best mood ever writing this because MY SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS BRUSHES ARE HERE!
I took full, full advantage of their incredible post-Christmas sale and picked up a few types of brush I was missing from my ever expanding collection (see my Zoeva brush haul here).

So, what's so special about Spectrum Collections?
The first things that jumped out at me about these brushes are that they are both Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-Free! I mean, what isn't to love about a brand who has our furry little friends' best interests at heart when creating their products. I've been doing a lot more to educate myself on Cruelty-Free purchasing when it comes to makeup products and accessories and it is definitely something I tend to check for when purchasing items now.

But despite being made from synthetic materials, these brushes are incredibly soft and so beautiful to use. The vibrant colours are obviously a massive plus and are the first thing you'll fall in love with - check out their Instagram if you don't believe me! - you will probably become at least 30% more mermaid-y while using these on your face. Just livin' that mermaid dream.

Here's the links of the items I bought featured in the post:
'Killer Cheekbones' Angled Powder Brush C04
'Oval and Oval Again' Oval Foundation Brush A03
'Brow Love' Angled Brow Brush A17
'Feeling Fancy' Small Fan Brush C04
'Love Your Brushes' Brush Heart

I was dead excited to pick up the Small Fan Brush in particular, because have you seeeeeen how good these brushes are for powder highlighting?!
I'm a contour girl in my heart of hearts, and nothing seems to come close to my love of a Chanel bronzer, but the strobing/highlighting trend of 2015 has been peaking across the winter months with everyone looking to achieve that beautiful, glistening glow to their cheekbones.
With the fan brush you can glaze your cheeks and transform yourself into a true Amrezy wannabe.

Also picked up was the Angled Brow Brush (perfect for using with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade) and the Oval Foundation Brush and Angled Powder Brush. I got the Oval Foundation Brush to achieve a different finish to my foundation as I'm getting a bit bored of the buffed finish I usually do, the soft oval shape of this brush makes it a joy to use as it really flows over the contours of your face.
Talking of dat contour - 'Killer Cheekbones' isn't lying to you. I've been pairing this with my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit and it is an absolute perfect match with it. 
It's like they were made to be, I'm almost jealous of the love they share.

Finally, in the sale I bought the Brush Heart which is a covered in rivets and grooves, and when you use with a gentle brush cleanser, you can really get that stubborn Double Wear out of your brushes! And let's be honest, I want these brushes to keep looking princess-y and mermaid-y and magical forever.

Have you used Spectrums Collections products before? If so, what's your favourite brush?
If you have any questions about the items featured in the post, feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to try and answer! xx
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  1. Spectrum brushes look absolutely gorgeous! Great value for money for sure!

    Parie x

    1. Definitely agree! And they're so, so beautiful x

  2. Hey Lucy! Was wondering how do you think Spectrum Collections fare against other brands of brushes like say, Morphe/Sigma brushes? Would super appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Hi Shan, they really do perform so well. I haven't noticed any fall out and the application/blending of all the brushes I purchased is amazing. Definitely a brand to try! x


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