Sunday, 21 February 2016

Ladies Day

I went AWOL again, I knowwwww. 
Basically some really, really exciting things have been happening in my life and I've got an incredible opportunity (non-blog related) happening which is taking up the majority of my time at the moment. So if you amazing guys can bear with for just a little bit I'll be resuming back with consistent posting once more!

When I was recently approached by Ladbrokes to enter into their 'ideal Ladies Day outfit' competition I thought it sounded like a bit of fun so why not! I've never actually been to the races, so this post took a little bit of research, but I'm really glad with the look I've put together.
Cheltenham Ladies Day is on the 16th of March this year, and it just seems to be just as well known for the style of the visitors as it is for the actual races. What appeals to me (and no, not just the copious amounts of champagne I imagine is drunk) is that it seems like a really fun chance to dress up with your friends and do something a bit different to usual.

For my outfit I've stuck to my own style, because even though the ladies of Cheltenham Ladies Day look lovely in their massive hats, I'm more of a massive hair girl myself.
I've paired my favourite, if not most tight fitting, Missguided dress with a faux fur trimmed aubergine winter coat and some KILLER heels. They are ridiculously high and fancy and the neutral colour was perfect not to detract from the rest of the look. 

I'll be linking the voting app here as soon as it goes live! 
So hopefully you love this girly, dressy look enough to give me a lil vote.

Have you been to Ladies Day before? What's your thoughts on my take on the fashion of Ladies Day?
Let me know xx

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Photographs by Amelia Conroy
Find her lovely fashion/beauty/baking blog here


  1. Loving the look and lipstick! <333

    Maybe following? :)

    greetings from Slovenia

    1. Thank you! The lipstick is a mixture of two Stila shades, might do an instagram post on the ombré lip soon.. x

  2. This is a great look. Good luck with the competition!

    1. Thank you so much Izabela, I'll be updating with the live link soon (hopefully!) x

  3. OMG!! Sobbing you look absolutely incredible..your makeup, hair, outfit, you are gorgeous! xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Awh thank you Becky! Glad you liked the post x


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