Sunday, 9 October 2016

Winter Baby, Summer Soul


It's been so long I was half thinking to restart a fresh blog, but then why lose the work I'd already created with this one? It's been a long distance in returning back to this blog and I truly regret that. 
(Also please don't tell me it's just me that reads the word truly in Joanne Prada's voice anytime I see it now?!)

I have to admit I've been itching to post on here for a long time but always made excuses about work/being busy/not being the right time.
Well I'm not letting myself make excuses anymore, because I really do love blogging and I adore the blogging I do. It's about creating something completely yours that you can play with creatively. 
This blog is mine.
I don't want to neglect it anymore.

Take what you want from this post; it's vague, a few pictures and touching on personal but not really getting there.
What can I say, I'm an Aquarian it's pretty much textbook for me to be like this aha.
If you stay following, and I hope you will! There's so much to come, including the resurrection of the Gentlemen's Club in a completely new format, some brand collaborations and my usual talking-to-myself style of writing.

Thank you if you've stuck around and if you've just joined, thank you too!

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