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Being Nosey: Part 1 (Pre-Op)

My Nose Job Journey

Just a warning, I'm going to get straight into this with no preamble because this post has taken me waaaaay longer to write than I meant it to. Also this is PURELY personal as to why I'm getting the surgery done and my experience of it, I'm just writing it because I know I've found other's accounts useful when researching and making my own decisions.

My 'Nose Job Journey' with Harley Medical started last June, believe it or not, but my actual issues with my appearance and in particular my nose have been for as long as I can remember.
It's strange talking about how my insecurity with my nose has affected me throughout my life with the people who have been there the whole time. A lot of the time I just dealt with them silently or was shouted down by the typical
 "There's nothing wrong with your nose;" "Stop being so silly;" "You're being ridiculous, there isn't a problem."
Yes, those phrases are ones I think 99% of people who want to have cosmetic surgery have heard.

How did I know I was ready to have a Rhinoplasty/Nose Job? A question I was asked (or similar) in my initial consultation with my nurse at Harley Medical. And my answer surprised even me a little bit.
I realised I was ready, really ready, when I wasn't obsessed with my nose anymore. Not to mention being in my early 20's and able to finance the process independently from my parents.
I went through phases growing up where I would cover my face or my nose or turn my head away from a camera if a photo of me was being taken. I would delete precious memories because "I hate my nose in that photo, I look awful" was the predominant feeling I would have when I looked at them. 
And in the past year or so, I could contour my face with confidence and know the tricks to make my nose look smaller and the bump less noticeable; I could take photos at a certain angle where I like how my face looked and I forced myself to find confidence in other areas of my body and appearance so that I would be able to interrupt the internal thought process that happened whenever a photo of me was taken.
But why should I have to do that when the option is available to make it so I just love my nose without having to trick myself into ignoring it?

And that's when I booked my first appointment with Harley Medical. I won't lie, knowing how it would be received by my parents I went ahead with the initial process without them being involved in any decision making.
My first appointment was with one of the practice nurses in the Cardiff clinic, and I felt so comfortable talking about what I wanted to be done and the reasons behind it. We went over medical history and the different types of Rhinoplasty surgery that can be done and which methods would suit my needs the best.
It was priced up and what surgeon I would have was discussed too. I got to ask all my questions and walked away with a patient pack with so much information in it, including a full CV of the surgeon and information on the patient aftercare process too.

Fast forward almost a year, where life just got in the way to be honest and I put my own wants on the back-burner a little bit, and I re-booked an initial consultation with the intention of actually booking the surgery.
I had my surgical consultation on the 29th March with Mr Allwin Gnanajebamani. He looked at my nose and overall facial structure and discussed with me what I wanted and how we could achieve this surgically.
One of the most reassuring parts of the consultation, strangely enough, was him explaining the realities of getting a Rhinoplasty/Nose Job, and how it can heal in different ways and the broken bones re-aligning differently, in order to keep my expectations realistic. Why was this reassuring? Because it meant I wasn't being sold an unrealistic dream, or something that wasn't achievable with the current structure and shape of my nose.
I left the surgical consultation with Mr Gnanajebamani feeling very secure I was in the right hands to alter something that had affected my confidence my entire life, because at the end of the day it's right in the middle of my face!

This whole process with Harley Medical has been so straightforward that I didn't even go for a consultation with any other clinics, I just felt so comfortable and confident with them. Not to mention the ladies at the Cardiff Clinic are genuinely so friendly and lovely, always have answers for my questions and reply to my calls and emails so quickly. I'm sure everyone has different experiences and feelings when researching cosmetic surgery and I wholeheartedly encourage you to look around for the best clinic/company to suit you so that you find the right one, even if that means 'shopping around' with a few different (and mostly free from what I've seen) initial consultations. 

One of the strangest things I have noticed and I do want to admit in this post, is that the closer I get to the surgery the more anxious and focused on my nose I'm getting again. The reason I say the word admit, is because I want to be completely honest with this post. I wasn't expecting to feel like this again with the knowledge it's going to change, but I'm almost resenting my nose in a way. I don't want photos taken of me, and I've noticed I've started to turn my face away from the camera again. It's become the smallest of issues, because while I'm experiencing new things in life, I'm reluctant to have any photos of myself pre-Rhinoplasty.

At the time of publishing this we are now less than 1 week to go until my surgery day.
On the morning of Thursday the 13th July I'm having the procedure done in a Harley Medical hospital in London, with an overnight stay and heading home on the 14th being what I know will be a really whiney and needy Lucy!
I'm a complete mix of super excited, nervous, scared, happy... mostly though I'm genuinely looking forward to waking up after my surgery and knowing that the hard bit is done and I've taken control of making myself more confident and happy in my appearance.

So there ya go...
This is Part 1 (Pre-Op), there will be a Part 2 (Post-Op) and Part 3 (3 Months On) in order to provide a full picture of the process for anyone who is interested, and I'll update this post with the links to those posts once they're up!

But please, if you have any questions or queries or even just want to be nosey (pun totally intended), please please please ask in the comments below or message me on one of my Social links below and I'll do my best to answer! 
I know I would have loved to feel comfortable doing that with other people, so I definitely want you guys to feel comfortable doing it with me.

Ciao! xx
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Sunday, 2 July 2017

English Rose


Ciao beauties

I became obsessed with this denim jacket and literally waited WEEKS to get my hands on it, and as such I've barely worn an outfit since it arrived that hasn't involved it!
As always, simple monochrome colours are my thing so I've kept the look super, super simple and all of the drama is about those gorgeous rose decals on the jacket. It's definitely my summer go-to.

Gucci icons have made their way from fashion week into every element of style and you'll be able to find embellished everything right now! It's making things more fun, exactly what  Alessandro Michele (Creative Director of Gucci) wanted to do by bringing Gucci back to it's roots and it's fab we can reap the benefit of this on a high-street level as well as designer.

FYI, it's now team Lucy working together to bring hopefully quite a bit of new content to the blog, and you can find the photographer Lucy Martin's beautiful work here and of course coming up on this site.

What's your recurring summer look this year?

Jacket - InTheStyle
Dress - Missguided (similar)
Boots - Public Desire

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Photography by Lucy Martin. You can check out her instagram here!
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