Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Hello January


Hello Day Planner 2018
Hello Day Planner 2018 Daily
Hello Day Planner 2018
Hello Day Planner 2018 inspirational quote
Hello Day Planner 2018 month calander

January is most definitely here isn't it...

I don't know if you'll find it maddeningly annoying or super helpful, but I've centered this post around my new planner from Hello Day, that yes, I did purchase half way through this month.
But surely any attempt at organising yourself is worthwhile, even with a few blank pages at the start.

I absolutely fell in love with the style of this 'Palma' planner - it manages to be quirky with the palm leaves print yet I would 100% feel confident getting this out in a professional environment. I just needed something visual to organise myself with, and after trawling the internet, with proving a good start to finding people who made planners, I found Hello Day.

Each Planner comes in a lovely box, is handmade and you can tell so much time has gone into making them as high quality as they can be.
It's a daily planner, with prompts at the start of each month & each week to lay out your goals for that time frame and break them down into achievable to-do's.

Obviously it's only the start of the year so time will tell at how the Planner performs and whether or not I'll stick with it, but it's a refreshing way to start the new year feeling organised and with a way to plan for the months to come.

Do you love starting a new planner, have a different brand you want to tell me about or any advice for sticking with it? Would love to hear from you! x

Ps. Please excuse the slightly weathered look to the rose petals... Yellow roses are my absolute favourite and I couldn't bare to pull them apart before they went just past their peak... sorry!

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